The Primoco One 150 UAV is an ideal platform for daily training missions, whether we consider the initial training of new pilots and operators or recurring training to maintain crew skills. For these missions the UAV can be equipped with mid-class sensors allowing crew coordination practice.

For initial training there are several special training tools available such as the industry-unique Virtual Reality headset which allows practice in manual control for new pilots. This device allows not only the practice of manual operation in various meteorological and visibility conditions, but even allows the practice of specific procedures using a realistic map of the operator´s base or area of operation. The internal pilot simulator allows drilling in safety operations and mission briefing/debriefing.


For law enforcement agencies the Primoco One 150 brings an unparalleled level of automation with a wide variety of sensors, a sustainable cost of operation and a predictable maintenance scheme. The basic law enforcement payload is an EO/IR system, where Primoco can offer several already integrated and tested solutions starting from the basic Octopus Epsilon 140 daylight system, mid-class Octopus Epsilon 175 day/night system up to the high-end Wescam day/night Mx-8 and Mx-10 systems.

The EO/IR systems come not only with optical day cameras and MWIR/SWIR sensors equipped with GPS localisation feature and automatic object tracking, but also with a laser rangefinder and pointer. The huge payload capability allows multiple sensors to be carried and the EO/IR system to be coupled with an ultra- high resolution (150 MPix) still camera. The powerful UAV datalink allows HD video live streaming up to the edge of the 200 km LOS range.


Regardless of the length of your border, the Primoco One 150 UAV is well–suited for nonstop surveillance of any border area. The sophisticated UAV navigation system consisting of GPS and inertial navigation allows safe operation on the required side of the border without any risk of crossing the line.

The border patrolling variant may be equipped with EO/IR sensors for day/night monitoring of the border situation, while the plane can carry additional equipment such as LIDAR laser scanners allowing the generation of a 3D digital terrain map, SAR radars for automatic border-line detection change or Ultra-Wide Band UWB radars for foliage and ground surface penetration. The combination of advanced sensors together with sophisticated flight automation brings to the operator a truly new level of border control capability.


For naval and port authorities and services the Primoco One 150 UAV comes with an Automatic Identification System derived from a device operated by US Navy for decades. The real-time identification of vessels allows early detection of potential undesirable activities. When coupled with the EO/IR sensing system or Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensor the UAV can be used for semiautomatic control and search of maritime sectors and port areas with high-precision real-time output allowing immediate response to any threat or irregularity.

Primoco provides several SAR options starting with a fixed downward looking AESA antenna array up to a solution consisting of a moveable turret allowing 360° azimuth search at long range. The SAR radars operate within the X-band and allow spot-light, strip and Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI) operation modes.


The Primoco One 150 UAV may be equipped with Flight Inspection System (FIS) payload to support the calibration of enroute- and airport NAVAID‘s such as ILS, VGSI, VOR, DME, NDB, Marker, GBAS, VDF and other. Sensors for military NAVAID‘s such as TACAN and Precision Approach Radar (PAR) can also be provided. The airborne avionics sensors and the GNSS/SBAS positioning system provides high accuracy measurements that are transmitted over high speed datalink, providing real-time data and results to the Flight Inspector on ground. The high-end Flight Inspection software allows the results of the inspection to be exported to any customized report format.

The UAV may be quickly re-equipped for the specific NAVAID to be inspected and calibrated. The Primoco One 150 UAV provides unrivalled operational cost compared to conventional full size Flight Inspection aircraft. Cooperating with leading OEM‘s in Flight Inspection equipment, such as Norwegian Special Mission, Primoco can offer best-in-class solutions for any customer.


The Primoco One 150 UAV is the platform best suited for unobtrusive surveillance and reconnaissance. The cruising altitude allows unnoticed observation since both the sound and optical detection of the system are practically excluded, while the on-board sensors reach and long-range 200 km LOS operation ensure perfect conditions for intelligence gathering.

The payload range allows installation of EO/IR sensors of various sizes and performance classes, SAR radars both with fixed and gimbal-mounted antenna, laser LIDAR scanner, ultra-high resolution (150 MPix) still cameras and RF detectors. The combination of the sensors´ parameters with multi-sensor on-board capability ensures perfect intelligence collection during both day and night conditions even from remote areas with no risk to personnel. As an add-on an intelligent self-learning software can be provided which automatically evaluates the gathered data and highlights nonconformities.


One of the world beating features of the Primoco One 150 UAV is its capability for Electronic Warfare deployment. The plane can be equipped with a sophisticated ITAR-free set of electronic and radio-frequency jammers and receivers allowing it to perform electronic attacks, stand-off jamming, stand-in jamming, self-protection and convoy protection jamming, threat emitter simulation, emitter simulation during jamming, electronic protection training and other missions.

At a small percentage of the cost of currently used Electronic Warfare systems, the Primoco One 150 allows unparalleled capability in the area of traditional and modern coherent jamming or a combination of these for an affordable cost without any export restrictions. Its long endurance of 15 hours together with a 200 km LOS range ensures a true stand-off capability.


For the oil and energy industry the Primoco One 150 UAV brings a cost-effective platform for daily use with sophisticated technology and automatization of pipelines and transmission line monitoring. The plane is operated and controlled from a Ground control station with very advanced level of automatization for easy mission planning and preparation. Due to the LOS range of 200 km and operating speed of up to 150 km/h it can provide a higher monitoring capacity than any other platform, no matter if manned or unmanned.

The sensor suite can consist of a day HD camera, day/night HD camera, ultra-high resolution (150 MPix) still camera, laser LIDAR scanner or other sensors. All items are equipped with self-alignment capability and GPS localisation function to provide real-time transfer of gathered data to the Ground control station and optionally to the operator´s HQ.


The Primoco One 150 UAV is an ideal platform for large-area disaster relief and can be used for a variety of incidents such as flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or forest fires. The airplane is typically used in a dangerous environment for disaster scope monitoring, preventive and rescue activities monitoring and even people-in-distress localisation and providing guidance for assistance. Unlike the majority of manned airplanes the UAV can safety operate at night which is a key factor for eliminating quick-spreading threats such as flooding water or wildland fires. The UAV can provide real-time data to the HQ for immediate action and successful people and property preservation.

The UAV can be equipped with various sets of sensors starting with EO/IR day/ night cameras, localisation devices and other special equipment.


The Primoco One 150 UAV was proven as an ideal platform for environmental monitoring. When counting animals it can provide unobtrusive flights over the area of interest without disturbing wildlife. This is mostly because of the minimal noise footprint, which allows the on-board sensors to obtain a true status of the animal population count. For these missions the plane is equipped with an ultra-high resolution camera with 150 MPix resolution allowing the operator to zoom-in on any areas of interest.

The UAV may also be equipped with atmosphere sampling devices for aerial pollution sampling and detection including tracking the movements of polluted air in the atmosphere.


For large countries the railroad network is part of the critical infrastructure. As such, it should be a subject to regular inspection and maintenance. The Primoco One UAV allows remote detection of any irregularities ensuring in-time detection of possible threats and hazards. The wide selection of sensors allows, for example, detection of railroad track cracks or loose bolts. The advanced mission planning and control/execution systems enables the operator to easily pre-program the route with one-click circling over any identified defect.

For these missions, the UAV is equipped with an ultra-high resolution camera with a 150 MPix resolution allowing the operator to zoom-in on any areas of interest. The resolution presents every 3 cm on the ground as one Pixel and thus it can detect small details of possible irregularities.


The Primoco UAV family can be effectively used as a realistic target simulation for any military unit starting with anti-aircraft battalions through to mechanised infantry and air forces. The Primoco target drones come with on-board equipment consisting of target miss indicators allowing determination of barrel firing accuracy as well as with radar reflectors (Luneburg lens) and IR emitters. The combination of on-board equipment allows the simulation of various targets with different characteristics. The plane may be painted in customer-selected colours matching the desired paint scheme of the opponent.

The size of the aircraft enables practice shooting at short to mid distance. The Primoco target drones require a short (300m) runway for operation and (unless hit with live ammunition) can be reused after landing with significant cost benefits to the operator.


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