• Primoco UAV SE produces medium-sized, fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and provides related air services.
  • The unmanned aircraft has been self-developed and is manufactured on site using the company’s proprietary components (engine, airframe, wings and other parts). The aircraft has a flight duration of up to 15 hours at a speed of 100-150 km/h, a take-off weight of up to 150 kg and a payload of up to 30 kg.
  • The Primoco UAV is the first unmanned medium-sized aircraft to be fully tested, certified and licensed to operate in civil airspace in the Czech Republic and the EU and is considered as dual-use technology.
  • The Company has so far produced 70 aircraft, it has its own research and development team, complete manufacturing facilities and trained staff capable of producing up to 50 UAV per year without additional capital expenditure.
  • The primary markets which Primoco UAV targets include Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Russia.
  • In the medium term (2020 – 2025), the company plans to produce up to 250 UAVs per year in the Czech Republic for the global market, targeted at monitoring strategic infrastructure, border protection and other civilian missions.
  • We aspire to become a global player in the rapidly growing market for medium-sized civilian and military unmanned aircraft.


November 23, 2021

Primoco UAV SE and UMS Skeldar team up to provide ultimate versatility of RPAS operations to customers

Czech-based Primoco UAV SE and Swiss-Swedish UMS Skeldar have teamed up as part of a cooperation agreement to provide selected customers with a combination of the Primoco One 150 fixed-wing and UMS Skeldar’s V-150 rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Enabling organisations the versatility to use both platforms as part of their missions, this agreement is a significant step forwards in terms of how UAVs can be used to form one solution.
September 30, 2021

Primoco UAV, the Czech manufacturer of unmanned aircraft, increased sales and established new international collaborations in the first half of 2021. However, due to the deterioration of Czech-Russian relations there is a risk of losing contracts in Russia.

Sales of the Czech manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles Primoco UAV SE reached CZK 12.8 million in the first half of this year and increased by 34% compared to the same period in 2020. Since January, the company has been able to start negotiations for new contracts in new markets, but due to pandemic restrictions limiting travel, these activities have been complicated and delayed. Primoco UAV SE is also restrained by the speed of the bureaucracy in parts of the state administration in the Czech Republic, especially the Civil Aviation Authority, in connection with the issuance of the necessary certification required by European legislation. This limits the speed of expansion which the company needs to meet the growing demand for its unmanned aircraft.



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Chief Executive Officer

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