Shares of Primoco UAV SE, the Czech UAV manufacturer, are the top performer on the Prague Stock Exchange with a 52% increase.

Shares of the Czech company Primoco UAV SE in 2022 on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange appreciated by  51.85%. Their value increased from CZK 270 at the beginning of the year to CZK 410 at the end of trading.  This rewarded investors with the best full-year performance not only among the stocks in the market for small and medium-sized enterprises, but even surpassed all the companies on the main exchange. Among them, COLT CZ was the best performer last year with a growth of less than 9%. Most shares, however, lost ground amid the uncertainty and nervousness in the markets – particularly and notably banking stocks, which dropped by as much as 30%.


Primoco UAV Official Video 2023
Time: 13:05
Предполетные процедуры Primoco UAV
Время: 8:26
Время: 5:12
Emergency parachute landing system
Время: 2:02
Flight Inspection ILS/VOR/NDB
Время: 4:54
Multiple Operation
Время: 1:14
EO/MWIR Epsilon 180
Время: 2:30
Factory Airport
Время: 1:42