Primoco UAV, a Czech manufacturer of unmanned aircraft, considers a listing on the Prague Stock Exchange

Czech company Primoco UAV SE, which develops, manufactures and sells the civilian unmanned aircraft Primoco UAV model One 100/150 and the Primoco Engine 500 is considering an equity listing via the START platform, which provides access to capital for small and medium-sized companies on the Prague Stock Exchange.

Primoco UAV will offer investors its shares through a public primary offer (IPO). If the listing proceeds according to planned timetable, trading in Primoco UAV SE shares on the START platform could begin in the second quarter of 2018.

Primoco UAV is a successful manufacturing company that completed its two-year development of the aircraft last year and was certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to produce unmanned aircraft. The civilian Primoco UAV model One 100/150 is capable of flying completely independently according to programmed flight plans. The key features of the aircraft are its size, a maximum take-off weight of 100/150kg, 10 hours endurance, 1500 km range, cruising speed 100-150 km / h, a payload of up to 50kg and fully automatic take-off and landing. This is particularly useful in energy infrastructure monitoring, border and coastal protection, fire monitoring or search and rescue.

In addition, the company has developed its own Primoco Engine 500 engine (50 HP), which provides excellent reliability and a long service life (TBO 500 hours) while maintaining compact dimensions and low weight (25kg). This engine is used for Primoco UAV SE aircraft and is also intended for sale and installation in third-party aircraft.

“For Primoco, this is a very important moment in the history of a company that has been able to develop, test, certify and successfully start selling its aircraft worldwide. We produce and sell an aircraft that has no global competition in its size and sector. We are even more excited that we just made our first sale of aircraft to Malaysia,”  said Ladislav Semetkovsky, CEO and founder of the company.

Primoco UAV SE is a company owned and managed by Czech entrepreneurs with extensive experience in international trade and the aerospace industry.

The company’s main advisor on the START process is C-Corporate Finance.


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