Primoco UAV SE, the Czech manufacturer of unmanned aircraft, completed a flight using intercontinental remote control

Primoco UAV SE, the Czech manufacturer of unmanned aircraft, completed repeated flights of its One 150 unmanned aircraft at a customer in Southeast Asia last week, while the aircraft was being operated from the company’s headquarters in Radotín, Prague, at a distance of 9,659 km. This was a unique event forced by the travel ban caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Primoco UAV One 150 models produced by the Radotín factory represent technological leadership in their field delivering performance significantly ahead of the competition. This was also confirmed last week, when the company remotely completed the upgrade of a One 150 aircraft at a customer in Southeast Asia and subsequently started flight operations in co-operation with a local partner. However, because the service team could not reach the customer due to closed borders, all activities took place remotely. The aircraft was calibrated and then operated at a distance of 9,659 km. It is a world first in its class which confirms the technological sophistication of the Czech aircraft, as well as a national and world record. This year, Primoco UAV SE plans to introduce several new products, including the integration of special systems not yet used on drones in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

The General Director of Primoco UAV SE, Ladislav Semetkovský, commented: “The Covid-19 pandemic poses new challenges for us, and I am very pleased that we are able to overcome them with the help of the amazing skills of our employees and the use of advanced technologies. Thanks to the excellent support of our business partner in the territory and the understanding of the aviation authorities, we managed to achieve a world first, which has a dramatic impact on the global capabilities of our unmanned aircraft. Without a doubt we can say that our One 150 aircraft offers customers looking for an observation and monitoring platform the same capabilities as far more expensive military drones. Verification of aircraft remote control in practice significantly expands the possibilities of using this technique for the monitoring of large areas.”

The chief pilot of the company Radek Suk, who performed all the remote long-distance flights, evaluated the events: “The ability to remotely control aircraft has been a standard part of the equipment of One 150 models since the beginning of its development but it was contemplated as a safety fallback. With the team of our company, we prepared a rapid start for the customer’s remote control system in just one week. The whole system worked as expected during the preparation and flights. This is primarily due to very advanced automation, as our aircraft can autonomously perform takeoff, planned flight and landing. With remote control, we demonstrated another unique capability of the One 150 aircraft in a real environment which is not available to any of our competitors in this class.” 

Primoco UAV SE

The Czech company Primoco UAV develops and produces the One 150 civilian unmanned aircraft, capable of flying completely independently according to programmed flight plans. The key features of the aircraft are its size, maximum take-off weight 150 kg, 15 hours endurance, 2 000 km range, cruising speed 100-150 km/h, payload 30 kg and fully automatic take-off and landing. The company focuses on civilian applications for the aircraft especially in energy, border and coastal protection, fire monitoring and search and rescue operations. The company’s aircraft are in operation on three continents. Primoco UAV is a publicly traded company on the Prague Stock Exchange in the PX START market. See the website for more information


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