Czech unmanned aircraft Primoco UAV starts the serial production

Czech commercial unmanned aircraft Primoco UAV, which was oficially launched last year, experienced its first take-off under the serial number 001 and immatriculation OK-X013S on 26th March, 2016.

The aircraft of the Czech company Primoco UAV SE is able to fly independently, only with the help of programmed flight plans. Its key features are its size, endurance, range of flight and the option to mount additional technologies according to the use.

It is the payload up to 50 kg (HD-cameras, infrared cameras, sensors or other electronics or equipment) and its take-off weight of 100 kg that make our aircraft outstanding partner for tasks in the areas such as industry, agriculture, telecommunication, but also security as well as energetics. Its flight range has recently been increased to more than 200 km and endurance of 10 hours which are the qualities that enable even more demanding air missions. Moreover, the aircraft Primoco UAV can take off and land within very short distances which ranks it to the category STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing).

“We are very happy for the first serial production aircraft in the Czech skies. We are planning to produce here, in the Czech Republic, a 100 pieces per year. Even now we are making aircraft for the customers from all around the world. Current delivery time is 5 months,” says Ladislav Semetkovský, the Chief Executive and founder of the company Primoco UAV SE.

In November 2015, the company was awarded the title for the 100 best Czech companies, in the area of development and innovation.


Primoco UAV Official Video 2023
Time: 13:05
Pre-flight Procedures Primoco UAV
Time: 8:26
Time: 5:12
Emergency parachute landing system
Time: 2:02
Flight Inspection ILS/VOR/NDB
Time: 4:54
Multiple Operation
Time: 1:14
EO/MWIR Epsilon 180
Time: 2:30
Factory Airport
Time: 1:42