Czech Aviation Training Centre to Conclude Strategic Partnership with the Producer of the Primoco UAV Unmanned Aircraft

The Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC) and Primoco UAV offer training for professional crews of the unmanned Primoco UAV aircraft, models One 100 and One 150.

In cooperation with the Primoco UAV the CATC training centre specializing in professional training of pilots (e.g. for B737, A320, ATR72, and L410 aircraft) will now provide training also for pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). “This type of training currently exceeds the existing legal regulations, however, it is going to become a general standard within a several-year horizon,” says Ladislav Semetkovský from the Primoco UAV SE. “The current benevolent regulations are going to become much stricter in the near future, especially in relation to unmanned vehicles safety and legislation,“ he adds.

The training for models One 100 and One 150 takes 2 months (160 training hours) and includes both theoretical and practical pilot preparation. “From the theoretical preparation point of view the trainees successfully leaving the course will have completed the level of training necessary to obtain the private pilot licence (PPL), in the practical part they will learn to control the aircraft in all the phases of flight – from fully automated takeoff and landing to manual control and procedures in emergency situations,” says Jan Janík, the CATC CEO, when describing the training.

Primoco UAV with its take-off weight up to 150 kg is one the biggest civil unmanned aircrafts. According to Ladislav Semetkovský, professional control of Primoco UAV is therefore essential not only for a safe and long-term operation of the aircraft but also for controlling of the accessories it is equipped with.

The Czech Aviation Training Centre is a subsidiary of the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ŘLP ČR) and provides professional training services for companies such as Czech Airlines, Travel Service, Alitalia, etc.

About Primoco UAV:

Serial manufacturing of the Primoco UAV aircraft started in February 2016 after two years of development. It is a civil unmanned aircraft capable of fully independent flying based on pre-programmed flight plans. Some of the most important key features of the aircraft are its size, the 10-hour endurance, range of 1,500 km, and fully automated takeoff and landing. These characteristics make it useful in the energy industry, agriculture, border protection, and search and rescue activities.


Primoco UAV Official Video 2023
Time: 13:05
Pre-flight Procedures Primoco UAV
Time: 8:26
Time: 5:12
Emergency parachute landing system
Time: 2:02
Flight Inspection ILS/VOR/NDB
Time: 4:54
Multiple Operation
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EO/MWIR Epsilon 180
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Factory Airport
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