Flight Team

Primoco UAV

Primoco UAV was founded by Czech entrepreneur Ladislav Semetkovský in 2014 to deliver advanced innovative UAV solutions focused on the needs of the civilian market. In 2015 and 2016 Primoco UAV was recognized as one of the top 100 Czech companies and given a design and innovation award for its UAV systems. The company has received interest and orders from around the globe for its Primoco UAV ONE 100 and ONE 150 models. It is owned by private shareholders and has no bank or other debts. To cope with growing demand it will be expanding its manufacturing capacity during 2018/2019 beyond its current 100 units / year.

Chief Pilot

Ladislav Semetkovský
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

In 1997 Ladislav established Media Online, the leading internet lifestyle and home portal company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2007 he sold the company to SanomaWSOY. Today he is developing the internet travel portals in Russia and in China. Apart from that, he provides e-commerce solutions to his clients in the EMEA region. In 2013 he wrote a book Business in Russia. He is a passionate pilot and aircraft enthusiast with a sideline in collecting 8 bit computers. He will happily talk about his experiences in Czech, Russian or English.


Ondřej Potužák
Vice President of Sales

When talking about aviation and UAVs in Czech, English or German, Ondrej will also tell you that he worked in Sales in several multinational companies. He was active in IT Sales working with IBM, EMC/DELL and T-Mobile selling complex solutions and services. When he is not talking to clients, he finds time to enjoy mountain bikes and motorcycling.

Radek Suk
Lead Designer and Construction Specialist

Radek has always been involved in flight; not only does he make and operate physical models of real jet aircraft to an international standard but he is also the chief construction engineer for Primoco’s UAV 100 and 150 unmanned aircraft. As well as building unmanned aircraft, he also demonstrates them as a pilot and also teaches as an instructor for microlight aircraft.


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